Why JewelKitGenius?

Simply input your design prompt, and let JewelKitGenius work its magic. JewelKitGenius will generate stunning images tailored to your specifications no matter what piece or idea you're envisioning.

Instant Inspiration
Endless Possibilities

With JewelKitGenius, the creative possibilities are limitless. Experiment with different gemstones, metals, settings, and styles to create unique and eye-catching designs that reflect your personal taste and vision.

Time Saving Efficiency

Say goodbye to hours of painstaking design work. JewelKitGenius allows you to generate beautiful jewelry pieces or whole collections in a few seconds! Just type your idea, or let JewelKitGenius surprise you with its creativity.

JewelKitGenius seamlessly integrates with JewelKitPro.
You can simply drag your generated image into Procreate and edit it or transform it using JewelKitPro to add the specific details you have in mind!

Seamless Integration

Also because

a while ago, we asked an AI to design a baguette diamond ...

... and got this.

That's when we knew we had to create an AI smart enough to design jewelry!